The Best Puppies Ever

Aw,their so cute!Look at that one.Hee Hee Hee!I like all of them.I hear that all the time in my house now.The words are really true.You know why?Because we have 6 new familymembers.That`s right,puppies!!!The day Lambada gave birth it was like a dream.One after another they came,little guinea pig like puppies.I was fascinated.Lambada had 3 brindle,4 fawn.The first day I watched Lambada and learned how to take care of the puppies.The next morning I watched the puppies suckle and noticed 1 was smaller then before and didn`t get any milk.

I thought for a moment and then thought of a thing I never wanted to think.What if she was too small to survive.I prayed in my heart it wasn`t true but she was tiny.Only half the size of the other puppies. But the next day she was gone.I burst into tears and ran up the stairs.My favourite puppy was gone.We buried her and I felt I had to be strong and move on and care for the other puppies.They`re doing great now at 2 and a half weeks.I have temporary names for 3 of them.They are Ritter the brindle boy with the white stripe.Legend,the brindle girl with the white collor and Destiny,the smaller fawn girl.The other 3 already have names the owners picked.They are Tucker,Rosie and Loki.Their all doing puptastic!Well that`s it but I`ll write soon.

In memory of Clever,the clever little puppy who didn`t survive

R.I.P Clever and the best of luck in heaven