The Adventures of Caroline and Dorka

Hey everyone!Sorry I haven't written in a really long time.I'm just having so much funwith Dorka and Lambada!On Saturday we are going to Dorka's third show!!!!!!I'm so excited!It is the Caledon show and it's so far the biggest show she'll be going to.I'm really proud of her.The last show she went to she did really well!She didn't win anything but she was amazing!Every day we practice in the backyard.You should see her.She is so happy.She doesn't have a bad day!Her tail wags 24/7 and I swear she smiles.She's a little bundle of joy,here one second,there the next!It's contagious.Poor Lambada can't keep up!But she's doing just as well.Lambada is such a lady compared to Dorka,but I have to say Dorka does obey.Usually:)I just love her so much.We're best friends.

It would be so sad without her.Not to offend Lambada:)She's amazing too!I hope everyone is having fun showing or just having a dog.What do people without dogsdo?I can never understand that.Dogs are part of the family,part of your life.They are there during the good times and the bad.When you cry,they lick away your tears and always seem to say"Are you okay?Are you okay?Tell me everything!I'm here and I will listen to you.Come on,tell me.I'm dying to know".Oh,I just love them,every shape and size!Sorry,I'm so off topic!Well anyway that has so far been the adventures of Caroline and Dorka. Hopefully I'll get to write more about the Caledon show after we come back.

November 20 3013