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OMG,OMG,OMGGG!I had the best weekend ever! I'm sorry I haven't written for so long but now I'm back .Let me tell about the Saturday that made my dreams come true. Me and momwent to the Guelph District kennel club show in Fergus. We had Lambada all ready to go andI was ready to go but with about 12 boxers altogether it was hard to keep spirits up. We went into the ring and I felt pretty good. I didn't know this judge was an international judge so when she picked Lambada over the other open class female I was extremely happy. Then we went into the ring with about 5 other female boxers. I got to say I did not think we would win but when she called Lambada,my boxer by the way,to be winner's bitch I was so stunned I could barely pet Lambada. I finally regained my thoughts and words and went for best in breed.Lambada and I got Best of Opposite but Lambada was already a champion. My mom was delighted and I was still amazed. We couldn't have done this without our caring and dedicated friends. It's the happy moments that I always think about when I go into the ring.Thank you for listening and remember anything is possible whether you are 10 ,30 or 60.It doesn't matter if you're dog is from over seas or not. From now on I will always believe in everyone and every dog. I'll write next time!

April 26 2012

Today my 3 friends Jamie,Ava and Clarissa came over.We played with the pups and Jamie got tackled by puppies.It was fun! Clarissa had to do a flat sandy project so I took pics.Then I tried to clean Lambada but instead I scared Loki.Oh ya this was suppose to be about Loki and Tucker.Sorry I got carried away.Loki got tackled today by Tucker,Rosie and Madison.And Tucker as usual he was tuckered out and slept in a tree.I also taught Clarissa and Jamie how to pick up a puppy.They are all puptastic!Well bye for now.

Monday May 30 2011

Aw,their so cute!Look at that one.Hee Hee Hee!I like all of them.I hear that all the time in my house now.The words are really true.You know why?Because we have 6 new familymembers.That`s right,puppies!!!The day Lambada gave birth it was like a dream.One after another they came,little guinea pig like puppies.I was fascinated.Lambada had 3 brindle,4 fawn.The first day I watched Lambada and learned how to take care of the puppies.The next morning I watched the puppies suckle and noticed 1 was smaller then before and didn`t get any milk.

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I`m here again. I’ll talk to you all about the latest dog show I went to this past weekend.

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Hello everyone!I'm so sorry I haven't written in a long time but I have started again!I am going to tell you about a very special show where I was junior handling.
It happened in May and I was so excited. Do you know what is was?Well I'll tell you!It was the junior handling Zone Finals!If you don't know for junior handling when
 you win you get 100 points. When you are second you get 75 points,third 50 points and if you are fourth you get 25 points. Each region or area has their zone.
If you have many points you have a big chance of going to your zone finals. You compete with the best junior handlers in your area. I was there the year before
 and this year I went again. This time I went with Lambada,my dog. We were the only ones in my class. I think we looked pretty good!We didn't win over all but
it was still amazing and it's always a great experience. There were  pictures and everything. We got a formal certificate  and it was so much fun!Every junior
handler was very nice and really good. I hope I can go there again and whoever wants to get into your zone finals just keep trying your best and never ever ever
 give up!That's it for now!Thanks for listening!


Hi, it`s me again. This time I`m talking about Lambada`s first championship points.

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What to wear,what to wear? Have you ever asked yourself this question? I can give you some tips on what to wear.First off,do not go into the ring with jeans and an old shirt.You have got to impress the judge. I don not mean high heel shoes or 3 hour hairdo`s. I mean a nice skirt and a jacket preferably a skirt that`s not too long but right above your knee`s. For boys I suggest a nice suit.It`s best if you have pockets.Second,it would be good if your clothing matches the color of your dog.If you don`t know what color dog you`re having it`s best if you wear white or black because they match every color. Last, like I said in thebeginning don`t wear high heels.The reason is because they can hurt you or your dog.That`s it for now but come back soon to see more tips and fun memory`s!

February 6 2011

Hi and welcome to my blog, I`m going to talk to you about Junior Handling.

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A few days ago I made up a poem by myself about Lambada saying what a great dog she is and how I absolutely adore her.It goes like this:

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